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Alliance Anticimex® is one of the leading pest control companies in Singapore. Offering a full suite of services related to pest management, we are committed to providing timely and efficient service of the highest standards to our customers.
Pest Management
General Pest Control
General Pest Management
Decisions are made based on the pest species, extent of infestation, areas to be treated, your concerns about the environment and of course, your budget...General Pest Control and Management Singapore More
Garden Pest Control
Garden Pest Management
Garden Pests include mosquitoes, flies, common ants, bees, hornets and snake etc...
Garden Pest Control and Management Singapore More
Ant Control
Ant Control Management
Like all pests, ants require food and water to survive; by eliminating these basic necessities you can greatly reduce their numbers...Ant Control and Management Singapore More
Mosquito Control
Mosquitoes Management
Mosquitoes can transmit serious, potentially fatal organisms causing such diseases as encephalitis, dengue fever, malaria and yellow fever...Mosquitoes Control and Management Singapore More
Bedbug Control
Bedbugs Management
Bed bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate. And do it yourself measures are typically not effective. So, your first step should be to contact the pest control experts...Bedbugs Control and Management Singapore More
Rodent Control
Rodents Management
Our programs are designed to reduce rodent populations without harming any off target species such as pets and native animals...
Rodents Control and Management Singapore More
Cockroach Control
Cockroaches Management
Cockroaches are a medical threat to people in two ways. As incidental carriers of microorganisms, they spread a variety of human diseases, by transferring microorganisms wherever they go...Cockroaches Control and Management Singapore More
Termite Control
Termites Management
Termites' damage amounts to many billions of dollars each year throughout the world, with the heaviest losses occurring in warm-climate areas...Termites Control and Management Singapore More
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